Specialist PR Consultancy hosts exclusive Fuel Poverty Seminar

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PHOTOGRAPH BY: GLEN KING L - R: Hamish Wilson - CEO Minus7/ Hilary Pitts - Partner Stephens Scown/ Emma Osmundsen - Exeter City Council / David Greensmith - Glen King PR / Alison Stock - Partner Stephens Scown / Tomas Gärtner - Director Gale & Snowden / Mike Harrison - Technical Director Poole Housing Partnership

June 21, 2016

Exeter-based consultancy Glen King PR specialising in the construction sector, hosted a ‘Smart Energy Choices for Warmer Homes’ seminar. Sponsored by innovative, renewable heating manufacturer Minus7, the event was held at prestigious Dean Clarke House located in the heart of the city.

David Greensmith, Business Development Director, Glen King PR said: “The government is seeking ways to reduce carbon and energy costs, and local authorities, together with business professionals, are working hard to help remove fuel poverty.” He adds: “With a specialist knowledge of both the construction and housing sector, we felt it was imperative to organise a seminar in Exeter, which is a forward-thinking city that champions innovation and renewable technology with world-leading design in development.”

The exclusive seminar offered a platform for industry experts to address issues around fuel poverty from a design aspect, behavioural change and innovative solutions through social housing; government legislation; compliance and technology. David Greensmith Chaired the event and keynote speakers included: Tomas Gärtner Director - Gale & Snowden Architects; Hilary Pitts and Alison Stock – Partners of Stephens Scowns; Neil Biddiscombe, Procurement Manager - Advantage SW and Hamish Wilson - CEO of Minus7. Mike Harrison – Technical Director of Poole Housing Partnership gave a landlord’s perspective showcasing a highly successful project using Minus7’s endothermic tiling planks, resulting in extensive savings for their tenants.

Emma Osmundsen - Housing Development Manager & Client Lead (Build) Exeter City Council, detailed Exeter City Council’s strategy for new builds in the city, presenting a powerful case for Passivhaus in dramatically reducing heating bills and improving quality of life for tenants. Demonstrating how the Passivhaus strategy keeps people comfortable, whilst generating a return for the council and contributing to a low carbon city. She comments: "Fuel poverty is a growing issue from the need to both heat, and increasingly to cool our homes, as climatic conditions change. This seminar provided an excellent forum for some of the leading experts in providing solutions to this challenge, to speak and share their experience and expertise."

Unable to attend the seminar personally, due to parliamentary commitments Ben Bradshaw MP gave a statement: “I’m in full support of tackling this vitally important issue head on. I believe the day was a positive one in working towards how we deal with fuel poverty, which affects so many, including young working families. It is incumbent on us all to support the most vulnerable and, by design as was demonstrated by the eminent speakers at the seminar. It’s important for us to work together to make a radical change to help many of the 13 million people affected by fuel poverty.”

Hamish Wilson, CEO, Minus7 concluded: “The seminar was a fantastic opportunity to further inform the fuel poverty debate, by exploring how UK energy suppliers, fuel poverty policy and smart energy choices contribute towards a socially-just transition to a low carbon society.”

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