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As a business we have tested contingency plans in place to continue being fully operational during Covid-19

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and following the latest guidance from the British Government on the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19), we want to reassure you that gkpr. (Part of the Bigwave media family) is currently fully operational. We have in place tested contingency plans to enable us to offer continuity of service to our valued clients and contacts should the situation escalate.

The health and welfare of our staff and visitors to Bigwave media is the most important thing right now and therefore we have made the decision to temporarily close our office at Exeland House, Exeter, with all staff working remotely from home. During any period of complete physical office closure, we will be able to remain fully operational to deliver across all services.

Over the past 12 months Bigwave has been working towards moving our business securely into the Cloud and into a position where we can operate remotely, and our teams are set up to be fully functional working from home without disruption. In order to limit the risk of infection to all, we will not be holding face-to-face meetings during this time. Communication will be via email; telephone; video; conference calls, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

During the time of working remotely, gkpr. telephone line will be diverted to PR Director, Glen King’s mobile: 07921 586 911.

Please keep safe – with kind regards

Glen & Micá