Innovative New-Build Homes are first of their kind for Local Housing Partnership

Photograph by Glen King: Hamish Wilson – CEO MINUS7 / Mike Harrison – Director of Technical Services PHP / David Hood, Project Manager PHP / Andy Durant Contracts Manager – C G Fry & Son / Alastair Hunter – Chief Technology Officer, Minus7 / Martin Wright – Non-Executive Director – Minus7

June 26, 2015

Dorset-based, award-winning independent builders C G Fry & Son handed-over a unique pair of new semi-detached homes to Poole Housing Partnership (PHP) at a contract value of £300,000.The project was the first of its kind for both the contractor and PHP with the installation of an innovative heating system from Minus7.

Responding to the demand for more affordable housing in Poole, Borough of Poole, Poole Housing Partnership and C.G. Fry & Son worked together to develop a pair of energy-efficient three-bedroom homes.The modern development has improved the former car parking site at Old Farm Road in Oakdale and created a much-enhanced street scene for local residents.

David Hood Project Manager - PHP said: “We chose C G Fry & Son as they are a Dorset builder with an excellent reputation for quality of build and attention to detail.It is rare that a first time partnership is so successful and so understanding.Naturally there were challenges as always with a new build, but these were readily overcome by C G Fry & Son.”

The Minus7 Hybrid Solar Energy Processor (SEP) is the heart of the system. Here heat from the roof is processed by the heat exchangers and then stored in the hot and cold thermal stores.

Developed and installed by Minus7, both homes located in Old Farm Road, Poole, benefit from a mini-district heating system which provides heat to the ground floor via underfloor heating and fan-assisted radiators, on the first floor. This technology ensures the homes meet Code Level 4 of the government’s national standard for sustainable design and construction.

PHP – an Arms-Length Management Organisation (ALMO) which manages 5,200 council homes on behalf of Borough of Poole – is using the Minus7 system as a pilot scheme and will monitor results, as they have many projects in the pipeline in the local area.

Mike Harrison - Director of Technical Services, PHP comments: “It is absolutely critical that I have social housing with the lowest energy running costs available.We chose the Minus7 system due to its 24 hour high efficiency capabilities.It has minimal requirements, i.e. warm or colder.We need new solutions to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and we were supported by the government Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme.This is a first for both C G Fry and PHP.When you are bringing new technologies to reality, there is always an element of trepidation.It was very successful with C G Fry & Son and Minus7 working very closely together.When the system was switched on, I thought ‘WOW’!The theory behind Minus7 is mind-blowing; it just makes so much sense.”

Winner of Energy Efficient Product of the Year 2014, the Minus7 Endothermic System delivers premium energy management via a complete building-integrated heating solution. It is the only energy-harvesting product on the market designed specifically for the UK climate.

Once installed the Minus7 expert team remotely monitors the system using data collected via the data logger built into the Solar Energy Processor (SEP). The owner, in turn, can also access this data in a more simplified manner using a ‘System Status Panel’ which displays how much energy they are using and storing.

Alastair Hunter – Chief Technology Officer, Minus7 said: “We provide a bespoke product, which is the only one of its type in the UK.Made to measure energy collecting Tileplanks are used to create an integrated and responsive roof for the property which is easy on the eye, keeping the aesthetics of the build true to its original form.Essentially, using a Minus7 heating system is resourcefully green, design friendly and investable.The actual heating and hot water is controlled through an easy to use conventional thermostat and timer.The Minus7 system enables residents to heat their homes for on average of approximately £300 per year.With the Tileplanks enjoying an expected lifespan of over 35 years, this safeguards against dramatic rises in future energy costs.”

Published in Dorset Echo