Gerry Cottle's 'The Magic Circus' pull out all the stops to ensure the show must go on!

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September 21, 2017

Gerry Cottle’s ‘The Magic Circus’ regret to announce that the Exeter shows due to be held at Alphington Roundabout from 27th September – 1st October, are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. After a survey, the ground has been declared unsafe for the circus tent to be built safely. Unfortunately, this is totally outside of their control.

In the true spirit of showmanship, however the performers are ensuring that the show must go on and have added eight more unmissable events in Plymouth... Following the highly successful performances at Central Park, Plymouth City Council have been extremely supportive and offered an extended licence, so the South West tour of the legendary Gerry Cottle’s 'The Magic Circus' can continue to amaze, delight and entertain the people of Devon.

The Magic Circus are very apologetic to folk that were hoping to see them in Exeter, and as an act of goodwill, any pre-booked tickets will be fully refunded. In addition, Gerry Cottle is offering a 50% discount for these disappointed spectators to join them in Plymouth – so don’t miss your chance to see this extravagant and magical spectacle with an awe-inspiring line-up of the World’s greatest acts and Las Vegas style illusions and be truly mesmerised.

Gerry Cottle will be visiting Exeter next year so make sure you visit for dates and tickets.

Upon the extension of The Magic Circus’s tour at Plymouth, please see revised dates and times to go and see performances bellow:

  • Thursday 28th Sept: 5 pm + 7.30 pm
  • Friday 29th Sept: 5 pm + 7.30 pm
  • Saturday 30th Sept: 2pm + 5pm
  • Sunday 1st Oct: 2pm only

Please note: no shows on MON 25th, TUE 26th, WED 27th September.

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