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November 02, 2017

The Client:

Gerry Cottle has been in the exciting, glitz and glamour of the circus for over 50 years. His exemplary reputation as a Circus Master is world-renowned, having brought the most influential line-ups and exhilarating entertainment from all parts of the globe to perform under one big top. His well-established family extravaganza now travels the South West in his tip-up tiered theatre style round top seating up to 850.

The Project:

The famous Gerry Cottle’s ‘The Magic Circus’ was on the road again for the 2017 South West Tour. The grand launch unfolded on the Bay at Torquay Seafront with massive enthusiasm and support from the start. The next location must be the shortest distance between grounds the circus has ever travelled making the move to the seafront on Paignton to entertain their next crowd of spectators and generating an even larger avid following.

As the season changes so does the location with their arrival in Plymouth Central Park from 1st – 28th September. The wet and traitorous down-pour welcomed an unwavering flock of supporters. Due to be performing next in Exeter 28th – 1st October, they underwent a thorough assessment of the safety of the grounds following adverse weather conditions, finding it was unsafe for the circus tent to be securely assembled. In the true spirit of showman, however the performers ensured that the show must go on by adding eight more unmissable events in Plymouth. With the support of Plymouth City Council Gerry Cottle’s ‘The Magic Circus’ extended their license at Central Park for an extra four days: 28th September – 1st October. In addition, as an act of goodwill anyone who pre-booked tickets were offered a full refund and offered 50% discount to witness the extravagant and magical sceptical in Plymouth. The travelling, awe-inspiring troupe of entertainers culminated their final week of performances in the South West with a grand finale in Taunton and Shepton Mallet.

The Brief:

GKPR where employed to help raise the profile and brand of ‘The Magic Circus’ and the all-female illusionists MAGiQUE. Promote all Tour Dates in the South West Region of Devon and Somerset and represent this production as being a very modern and different family show with young talents to inspire the younger generation.

The Solution:

GKPR used their expert knowledge of key local media and publications to generate interest in this unique campaign and ensure free editorial for each region. Even accumulating more than one publication in printed and digital media. By liaising with the Business editor of The Herald GKPR secured three news stories to be published. First on the history of Gerry Cottle’s Circus, then by setting up a telephone interview with Gerry Cottle himself to get the inside scoop on this modern and very different family show, and finally giving the Business Editor complimentary tickets to go and view the show to create a review and promote the Plymouth Tour further.

To ensure the interest and longevity of this campaign GKPR provided exclusive coverage, provided background information and knowledge into the life of this well-known circus family. Even going to view the show to enable a full understanding of what they are promoting. The campaign has so far achieved coverage in: Devon Live News, Western Morning News, The Plymouth Daily, Herald Express, Devon Life, Express & Echo, Exeter Living, Somerset Life’s ‘5 thing’s to do this weekend’ and Somerset Live News and Heart FM.

Following the change in tour dates, GKPR created a statement to send the Exeter press that had already issued press to promote the Exeter Tour for Gerry Cottle to further promote the extra tour dates in Plymouth as damage limitation. GKPR utilised their own marketing tools by additionally posting articles and press releases for The Magic Circus on social media and GKPR website.


Gerry Cottle said: "Thank you Glen King PR & Marketing, such exceptional partners and people. Proud of our collaboration with your team!"

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